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Beefy Stakes™ and H-Stakes

Sturdy, Weather-Resistant Stakes for your Yard Signs.

We offer two solutions for your sign stake needs. H-Stakes for your standard sign sizes and Beefy Stakes™ for your larger sign applications.

Beefy Stakes™ & H-Stakes are made for use with Corrugated Plastic signs.

  • H-Stakes - These stakes are 30" tall and will keep your sign roughly 14" off the ground. Sometimes labeled as a "step stake", the bottom rung is more for support than a step but will assist in getting the stake into the ground if needed.
  • Beefy Stakes™ - These are 2 separate "poles" or "stakes" for you to place as close or far apart as needed to support a variety of larger sign sizes. The stakes have a "dimple" at the top to help hold your sign safely and securely. These stakes are 26" tall and will support your sign roughly 10" from the ground.
    Please Note: BeefyStakes™ do not come as a pair and are sold as singles.

Suggested Support Products

  • Corrugated Plastic Boards - We offer Corrugated Plastic Boards for all of your Sign, POP Display, Business Display, School Display, Architectural Model, and Bulletin application needs.
    Please Note: H-Stakes and Beefy Stakes™ cannot be used for Corrugated Plastic Signs over 48" in width.


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